MADAGASCAR, where the consequences of hunger create clear signs on children

Malnutrition is a drama that afflicts many areas of the planet where poverty, poor hygienic conditions and an adverse climate…
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SOMWATA PROJECT: Institutional collaboration for the development of Burkina Faso

If we had to translate the word development we would use the expression "somwata" which in the Moore language means…
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PANDEMIC EMERGENCY: The use of technology in the fight against endemic and epidemic diseases.

The activities of entering the vaccination data of children born from 1st January 2021 in the municipality of Itaosy, on…
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P.I.P.A. - EMERGENCY PAEDIATRIC INTERVENTION IN THE ALPS: NutriAid on the front line alongside children in Alta Val di Susa.

These are weeks of great pressure along the north-western border between Italy and France, in the Alta Val di Susa.…
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