Your investment transforms a child’s life

By investing in NutriAid's work, you are deciding to turn a person's life around by giving the chance to create a future for him/herself, his/her family and their country.
Donate now and start changing the world.

For children
against hunger.

Nearly 1 billion people in the world live every day without adequate nutrition for a healthy life.


Malnutrition is a devastating reality for millions of children around the world, but we, TOGETHER, have the power to save them. Through programmes such as 1000 days zero hunger, school meals and support for small farmers, high technology to fight malnutrition and other projects, NutriAid is on the frontline of the fight against child hunger every day.

By investing monthly and believing in what we do, you will join a dedicated community of like-minded people taking individual and collective action to transform the systems of inequity that create hunger.

How it works:
1. Choose an investment amount.
The average monthly gift is $50, but any amount will accelerate an end to global hunger.

2. Make a difference every month.
Thanks to your support, we will bring paediatric and neonatal medical care, take care of pregnant mothers, support small farmers, provide equipment and tools and much more.

3. Join our community of changemakers..
We will always be in touch with you, keeping you up-to-date on projects with special updates from the field on the impact of your support investment..

Corporate Fundraising Ideas and Strategies to Make an Impact

Corporate fundraising is an excellent way for companies to raise funds for cause-related marketing programmes and international cooperation projects such as ours. With the growing awareness of global environmental and poverty issues such as climate change, land impoverishment, lack of food availability, food sovereignty, global warming, depletion of natural resources and others, companies often appreciate the opportunity to lend a hand and work as a team for a greater cause. 

For this reason, many companies invest in corporate social responsibility and fundraising initiatives, as well as cause marketing programmes, in order to give back and make their business practices more sustainable and create real change in the global system.

Opportunities include:

  • CRM Cause-related marketing of products
  • Sponsorship of events (virtual or in-person)
  • Employee awareness campaigns
  • Group fundraising activities (such as virtual walks)
  • And much more !


To discuss how your corporation can participate with NutriAid, contact
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