At a glance

NutriAid has been working in rural communities in Africa since 1996, implementing programmes to fight child malnutrition and prevent relapses in Rwanda, Senegal, Madagascar, Somaliland, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Chad, working with hundreds of people to end hunger and poverty.

We know the territories

As a rule, programmes for beneficiaries, especially mothers and children, are developed over several years. This allows us not only to know the terrain on which we work, but also to be accepted by the local population and institutions.

We are committed

To learning from outcomes to continuously improve programs for the benefit of our community partners.

We invest in human capital

We preserve and support human resources in the context of a global food crisis. Human capital needs to be restored and strengthened, supporting individuals and communities, particularly women, in reaching their full potential.

We protect future generations

Helping children learn, stay in school, become leaders in their countries, keeping children, families and communities safe, supporting their survival and food security



NutriAid considers to have the privilege of protecting a common heritage of humankind, in the continuous search for suitable strategies to solve the problems related to malnutrition. This heritage is every’s child right to life, while respecting cultures and carefully sharing people's needs and feelings.
We believe in the absolute value of life, in a world where the right to health should be respected and where all children can have hope for life and opportunities. We are convinced of the importance of always placing children in center stage because the future of all generations depends on our attitudes today.


We are wherever the possibility of survival from hunger, disease, and poverty is most fragile. In the countries where we work, the consequences of wars and sociopolitical, geographical and economic situations make it highly difficult for children to attain the primary conditions of nutrition.
This is why we believe we are able to build a future for malnourished children, and we think that informing, raising awareness, and involving people in our project is the first step in ensuring a hope for life.
But this is not enough.
We want to create the opportunity to achieve autonomy, the only one that can generate development and progress.

Your investment transforms a child’s life

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