Climate change has a negative impact on children's nutrition equivalent to or greater than poverty and lack of sanitation. Global warming jeopardizes dietary diversity and undermines children's healthy development.

In particular, climate change adversely affects the presence, in food consumed daily, of a wide range of nutrients essential for development, from iron to folic acid to zinc to vitamins A and D. 

Deficiency in these micronutrients is indicative of malnutrition, a condition suffered by one in three children under the age of 5 worldwide.

Extreme events, including wildfires, floods and hurricanes, have become a frightening new normal. Hotter temperatures, air pollution and violent storms are leading to immediate, life-threatening dangers for children, including difficulty breathing, malnutrition and higher risk of infectious diseases.

NutriAid is committed to protecting the right to food and health of children most affected by inequality and discrimination, now and for the future.

Together with families and local institutions :

  • we train school children to adapt to possible climate shocks;
  • we give women a voice to influence local policies;
  • we support farmers in developing new agricultural techniques to anticipate the threat of climate change;
  • we work with communities to use early warning systems so that they have the tools and resources to act before they are affected by devastating climate events.

Your investment transforms a child’s life

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